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    Unapproved Email Program sent the email anyway! :0

      On Friday, we created an Email Program with an A/B test specified and the email scheduled for Monday at 8:00 AM EST.  Then before 8:00 AM Monday morning, we unapproved it because we wanted to change the send time to 10:00 AM, but the Control Panel view only offered View A/B test, View Smart List and Approve Program. When I clicked the View A/B test button, the Subject Line Test Summary dialog box was displayed. However, when I clicked the View Smart List button, I was able to edit the smart list filters.  I re-approved the program and then unapproved it in hopes that would allow me to edit the A/B test, but nothing changed.

      Then at 8:00 AM today, the email was sent, which was not expected or desired!  

      We've experienced similar unpredictable behavior with the few Email Programs that we've created in the last week. We either couldn't make changes or changes we made didn't seem to be saved.

      I opened a case and will update everyone on why tech support thinks this happened.  In the mean time, be careful about unapproved email programs that have a scheduled send as it just might go out despite the statements in the help articles to the contrary.