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    How can you export lead email addresses as they come in?

      I want to have the email addresses of incoming leads be sent to me as they come in. I tried to set up a smart campaign for this, but there is no option under Flow that seems to allow me to do this.

      Ultimately, I want to import the email addresses elsewhere, so I am fine with an excel document or or just an email containing the lead info sent to me or anything, really. Just trying to figure out a way to auto-export those email addresses.

      Can someone help?
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          Matt Stone
          You could create an alert that's sent to you with the lead's email address in it.

          First you'll have to create a new alert (email) to send to yourself. In the email itself, add in the lead's email token, {{lead.Email Address}} and whatever else information you want (see here for tokens: https://community.marketo.com/MarketoArticle?id=kA050000000LBvaCAG).

          In your smart campaign, add the "Send Alert" flow step and select your email. If you're not the lead owner, change the "Send To" portion to "None" and then enter your email address in the box to send other copies to.