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Reporting Tool Recommendations

Question asked by 49021 on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by 49021
I am finding Marketo's reports to be lacking quite a bit in the usability department. It seems everything takes tons of Smart Campaigns to set things just to achieve what should be possible out of the box.

A good example is Email Performance. It's nice to run the Email Performance Report to get opens/clicks/etc. However, there is no drill down capabilities. If I drill in to see Clicks, I cannot see a breakdown of who clicked which email. It seems like this should be built in.

Does anyone have recommendations on ways to achieve this or maybe there is some better tool that provides more intuitive reporting against the Marketo database.

Either I just don't understand it, am expecting too much or was oversold on how powerful the reporting is. Whatever the case, the reports in Marketo seems very unintuitive. Looking for advice.