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    tracking non-email programs...

      How does marketo know how to sync a form fill to the SFDC campaign due to an external listen (as opposed to email)?

      Can utm codes be passed through to connect to a SFDC campaign directly?
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          Hey Autumn,

          You can add paramaters (same functionality as utm codes to my knowledge) to tie any source to a Campaign. You can do so by adding hidden fields to your forms. Then, in the URL Builder, you can create different URLs per partner, lead source, marketing initiative, etc. You will then use a campaign to filter the results to different Mkto Programs, which sync to SFDC Campaigns. 

          All customizable depending on your needs!
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            As Jeff described this functionality is very flexible. We have a campaign where a lead has been captured and not until they fill out a vert specific form with specific answers are they sync'd to a SFDC campaign. It is up to you in a workflow to determine which triggers and filters make sense for adding them to a SFDC campaign. You would use the "Fills Out Form" trigger and a workflow step of "Add to SFDC Campaign" in that step you can also set the status. Hope that helps! - Jeff