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Report on Email Addresses with Same Domain

Question asked by Connor Cox on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by Connor Cox
We have had a number of people who have unsubscribed an email address very similar to another address in our lead database. Example scenario: 
  1.           I send an email to John Doe via ""- in the database as subscribed
  2.           John gets the email routed through his other alias ""
  3.           John unsubscribes the alias I do not have a record for =  ""
  4.           I send another email to, the subscribed alias
  5.           John calls me irate because I sent him an email after he "unsubscribes"
I know we could have used the unsub form better which is being fixed. But is there a way to run a report on email addresses with the same domain so I can see if there are other potential John Does out there?