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    Event App


      I am going to attend an exhibition, and am looking for a way to collect the leads I create. 

      Does Marketo offer something I can use on a tablet that will allow my sales team to capture the leads so they go straight in to the system? 

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          Josh Perry
          So Marketo does have an app, but it is pretty limited.  Usually you have to pre-load it with the people that are registered to attend and then you can check them in.  I think there is way to add people that stop by your booth, but you have to mannually type in their info.  

          One other solution, is to use a third party app that integrates with Marketo.  One example of this is called atEvent.  You can find them in the launchpoint ecosystem here:  http://launchpoint.marketo.com/atevent/843-atevent

          Their system is pretty easy to set up with Marketo.  It has more capabilities than the Marketo app.  One of the biggest advanteges this solutino has, is it can scan people's cards/info in automatically, like a badge scanner.  

          It is about 6 months old and they are still working on making it better.  There are things that can be improved on it, but it is a decent solution.  
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            Josh has summed it up very well but in case you want more info on the Marketo apps:


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              Hi there,
              Could someone confirm if this answer from Josh is still valid? Or does Marketo now have a solution for capturing leads at a Tradeshow?
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                Josh Perry
                This is still the case. Nothing new has come out. There are a couple of partners that have some solutinos though. You can check out Validar and at Event.


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                  Another solution is TapCrowd's lead capture iPad app for exhibitors. Our app can be used by your sales team to enter leads, and it can be offered in "kiosk" mode (self-service) to your booth visitors. Lead data is synced to your Marketo lead database. The app is multi-lingual and supports multiple events. The app works offline and will sync when wifi is available (during or after the event). More info on Launchpoint: