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    Set Form 2.0 Target

           I embed the forms on my site through an iFrame to keep the cookie data. With Forms 1.0 I am able to set the target for the Thank you page as parent, so it doesn't open in the iFrame, with this function:
           <script type="text/javascript">
               // set no conflict mode for jquery
             var $jQ = jQuery.noConflict();
                 // all form submits will open in a new window
           With Forms 2.0, I tried updating the class in that function from '.lpeRegForm' to '.mktoForm' since that is the new class for the form, but it didn't work.
           I had a look through the API, but couldn't find any details about setting the target for a form.
           Any help would be appreciated.
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          Hey Stephen,

          For your use case, please try the following.

          On a successful form submit, for an iframed forms 2.0 form, this will open the follow-up URL in the parent.  

          MktoForms2.loadForm("//app-sjqe.marketo.com", "718-GIV-198", 621, function(form){
            form.onSuccess(function(values, url){
              window.top.location.href = url;

               We're working on another rev of examples for the js documentation (which can be found at: developers.marketo.com) that includes additional canned examples for common use cases like yours.


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            Hi Jason,
            Thank you for the quick reply!
            I created a marketo landing page that I embed as the iFrame. Will this method work for my use case since the form already gets loaded on the landing page?

            Can I get a form on a marketo landing page, using javascript, and then attach the onSuccess method?
            Thank you
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              Hi Stephen,

              If you are still looking for a solution, here is a Javascript code you can insert as an HTML elemnent to your iFrame pages:

              MktoForms2.whenReady(function (form){
                form.onSuccess(function (values, url){
                  window.open(url, '_parent');
                      To open the link on parent page use: '_parent'
                      To open the link in a new tab use: '_blank'
                  return false;

              This will make the form submit action to be exacuted on the parent page.