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Is there a 'Not sync lead to SFDC' Flow Action?

Question asked by e6cefbe1270d293bf79826d746424a6e0d534182 on Feb 20, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2014 by Josh Hill
Is there such a thing as 'Not sync lead to SFDC' flow action?

Here's the problem we're facing:
We've synced our Marketo and Salesforce systems but have noticed an issue: a duplicate lead record is being created in Salesforce if a particular lead responds to an email campaign (open/click), even if they already have an existing record in Salesforce. 

     I have two questions regarding how we can approach solving this issue:
Question 1:
     Is there a vital step we may have missed when setting up our Salesforce integration that makes sure duplicates are not created but rather the existing lead record is updated? 
Question 2:
     Can I create a "workaround" campaign that states something along the lines "If lead was delivered email and lead was synced to SFDC, do not sync to SFDC?" 
     I tried to create a campaign with this logic but couldn't find a 'Not sync lead to SFDC' flow action: