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    Custom Redirects


           In my old marketing automation platform i was able to create custom redirects that would track who was clicking on specific links on landing pages, pr sites, social (known or unknown) - Is there a way to create them in marketo with out making a landing page for each type of social media for each event. This helps keep track of known leads activities as well as figuring out when anonymous leads discover your product.

           I tried to set up a unique link (through a landing page) that re-directed people who clicked a link on our pr site to our main website - but it didn't seem to track the click link. When testing the only way i could get anything like this to work was creating a unique landing page that would track that they had visitied.. 

           Does anyone have any advice or suggest anytools that could help communicate these visits to Marketo. Or is there a different trigger that will capture when people click on an re-direct rule? I have contacted support and it didn't seem like this could be done. 

           Help me out Marketo Community!



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          Hi Ryan,
          These are already set up in Marketo!

          You can track email clicks with the "Clicks Link in Email" filter/trigger and you can click landing page clicks with the "Clicks Link/Clicked link" trigger/filter.

          Is that what you were looking for?

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                 Hi Ryan, you don't need to go through this additional step in Marketo to either trigger campaigns, or report on links clicked on web pages that are not landing pages.  Rather, for triggering campaigns off a click of a link on a web page (assuming that the munchkin tracking code is placed on the site), all you need to do is use the "Clicks Link" trigger.  In the dropdown for Link Name, you should see the link URL for any links across all the pages that have the munchkin code (which is typically all pages on a site).

                 If the specific link appears on multiple pages, simply click on the "Add Constraint" button and select Web Page, in order to trigger off of a click on a link on one (or more) specific pages.

                 That all said, your question is more around reporting on clicked links, and this is easy too.  Simply create a Smart List and use the filter for "Clicked Link" to generate a report showing all users that clicked that link on a web page.  Similar to the trigger, when you click the drop down for Clicked Link, you'll see URLs for all links across all web pages that are munchkin'd. And also like the trigger, you can specify that the report reflects the link clicked on a unique web page, or a number of web pages .  You can further filter the list by selecting the date or date range for the clicks, and even filter based on a certain number of clicks per user.

                 As a side note, you can also create lists showing those that have NOT clicked the link, through the inactivity filter of "Not Clicked Link".

                 My assumption is that you used Pardot, which forces users to create redirects for every link on external web pages that you want to track, or trigger a campaign off of.  In Marketo, as long as the munchkin code is on a page, the links are exposed to Marketo for you to track or trigger off of.  No need to create all those redirects.

                 Hope that helps.



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              Hi Michael and Will,

              Thank you for your response, I think where I am struggling is, the people i am not trying to capture the information about clicks they make on our landing pages or through email. Our PR site & National Publications don't have our munchkin code on them. So I am trying to create links that are only found on our PR page, etc. that lead directly to our website. When I run reports based on original referrer it doesn't seem to capture the publication website, it just looks like they come directly to our homepage. 

              Michael, you are correct in that I previously used pardot - and it allowed for what I am looking for. Additionally when the redirects were created it made bit.ly links that I could use on Twitter and I could easily track what leads were interacting with my social content.

              Does that make more sense - or does anyone have any ideas for tracking on known/anonymous leads for clicking a link that is not in email and not on a page with our munchkin on it?



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                I'm also an ex-Pardot user, and I'm having the same issue. I know I can make a custom redirect in Marketo, but I don't get its purpose since I cannot track it (unless I'm just doing something wrong). In Pardot I used them expressly for tracking. I would sometimes generate a different custom redirect to input in the dynamic content of the email so I could see what version of the email they got and clicked, just as an example. I attempted this with Marketo's custom redirects but it does not function in the same way. The utm_campaign=x code does work though so I'm using that instead for now. I liked the custom redirects from Pardot though, one of the few features I think is superior in Pardot, but this way I can make nicer looking links. :/