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Custom Redirects

Question asked by 40518 on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by 24b2e5ee00560fce3a9866a8c77c01be258ae527


     In my old marketing automation platform i was able to create custom redirects that would track who was clicking on specific links on landing pages, pr sites, social (known or unknown) - Is there a way to create them in marketo with out making a landing page for each type of social media for each event. This helps keep track of known leads activities as well as figuring out when anonymous leads discover your product.

     I tried to set up a unique link (through a landing page) that re-directed people who clicked a link on our pr site to our main website - but it didn't seem to track the click link. When testing the only way i could get anything like this to work was creating a unique landing page that would track that they had visitied.. 

     Does anyone have any advice or suggest anytools that could help communicate these visits to Marketo. Or is there a different trigger that will capture when people click on an re-direct rule? I have contacted support and it didn't seem like this could be done. 

     Help me out Marketo Community!