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How to Create a Countdown Calculated Field? Like Days til Expiration

Question asked by 1856838dfc96cca108f28566cfadbecc5c55ac92 on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2014 by 1856838dfc96cca108f28566cfadbecc5c55ac92
Is there a way to create a field that calculates days til birthday, expiration, etc in Marketo. I'd like to use this field as a trigger to send upgrade nurture communications and trigger other events.

Open to workarounds

- Have tried building a calculated field in SF. That doesn't work because the field doesn't sync to SF unless there is an actual change to the date (as opposed to a calculation).

- Have tried using the Wait Token in the flow but I keep getting errors.

- Would love to see "Date is in NEXT 90 DAYS" as a Smartlist constraint but that isn't available.