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    Anybody using Wistia?

    Chris Willis
      I have heard a lot of great things about this tool for videos from presenters and Dreamforce and our MUG.  

      We are looking to use a lot of video in our campaigns and was curious as to what Wistia provides that the social YouTube tool in Marketo may be missing.  What are your thoughts?

      And... How cost effective is it?  
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               Never used Wistia but had a demo with them a few years back and I was struck by their really friendly sales and service people. Those kinds of cultural indicators are always important I find.  

               Pricing (http://wistia.com/pricing) appears pretty reasonable for what you get. A lot will depend on how much video you are streaming and what features you need (and your budget!).

               Wistia has some cool features like collecting emails in your videos, calls to action, etc. and much more sophisticated analytics then you'll get from YouTube. (Note, other video marketing platforms have these and other features as well and the space is maturing rapidly, so I'd also suggest shoping it around). 

               What kind of video campaigns are you doing and what features are you looking for? 

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            I've used Wistia at a number of companies and it's a pretty great service. White-label video hosting, analytics about your videos, easy embedding, etc.  They have a nice "turnstile" feature where you can ask for an email address during the video, and that is sent to Marketo as a lead via the API.

            I would also look at Vidyard (http://www.vidyard.com/), from what I understand their integration is a bit deeper, but they are more expensive.
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              We use Vidyard and are big fans. The nice thing about it is that all video activity for known leads is passed as events into the Activity Log, so you can easily use it for reporting, scoring, triggering, and anything else you can do with a web page visit.

              This can be pretty powerful. 

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                Chris Willis
                Thanks Justin!  Did you embed this video into an email or a landing page?