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Email Performance Report

Question asked by 4879e183441d1cf819d62b26f9b34f1819abe334 on Feb 6, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2014 by 4879e183441d1cf819d62b26f9b34f1819abe334
With the Email Performance Report I can look at specific emails sent over a certain time period. However, I'd like to see and compare email performance over different time periods within the same report. For example, I can see email performance for January, but if I want a single report that shows how those emails performed the 1st week of January, compared to the 2nd week of January compared, to the 3rd week, and so on, I have to run individual reports for each week and combine them in Excel, which is time consuming. Anyone know an easy way to get the report I need? If I can't do this in Marketo does anyone know of a third-party option that could generate this type of report? Thanks.