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Using Form for Customer Satisfaction Survey?

Question asked by 47587 on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2014 by 47587

     Hi All,

     I've been tasked with trying to figure out if we can use Marketo to manage the survey our customers recieve after they close a support ticket.  Right now we use SurveyMonkey, but it is horribly inefficient. I have replicated the survey with a form, and we've created some scoring rules that would send an alert out in the event of a poor report, however we've hit a few snags in the reporting side of things.

     My main concern is being able to track the answers long term. Theoretically, because this is based on support ticket IDs, a lead could go through the survey as many times as they submitted tickets, wiping out any previous answer they might have had, correct? We could theoretically create a SmartList to follow customers each month, but I'm still confused as to how we would have a collated version of the answers.

     Any ideas? Has anyone else tried to attempt this? If not, what kind of survey system do you have set up and how does your customer support manage them? Thanks in advance for any help or advice!