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    Marketo Product Demo

      I'm new to Marketo, but not new to e-mail marketing.  Where can I find a simple demo or article that goes over the Marketo tool itself?  For example...

      What is the difference between a Marketing Program and a Smart Campaign?
      Where and how are things organized in Marketo?
      What are the key features that make Marketo unique? 
      and on and on...

      There seems to be a training component missing on the actual tool itself, before the basics courses start with adding a lead,  sending an e-mail, etc...

      A 5-8 minute product demo would be very helpful.
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          Hi Todd,
          Welcome to the club.
          There is a lot missing.  I really don't think this software nor its instructional video series are ready for release yet.
          I wrote up a 4 or 5 google document  full of suggestions and emailed it to Marketo's Director of Education.  I suggest you write your ideas and grievances down and share them with Marketo & the Marketo Community.  I'd like to see what issues other people are having, b/c I am having TONS of issues.  Tons of issues w/ the videos not being clear, concise, direct, informative.  tons of issues with the software having illogical processes (example: I can delete multiple snippets, but cannot clone multiple snippets.  How is this logical?  Also, I can't delete a folder if it has contents... yet, I come into my office every day and don't go haywire deleting folders full of valuable contents.  Are you kidding me? Marketo, I don't need parental controls, thanks!)
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            The University courses should help you with a lot of this intro stuff.

            Honestly Marketo's docs have gotten much better the past two years. I have quite a bit of tips here:

            I can do a demo for you although I'm sure your account rep should be able to do that too.

            Program is a collection of flows, emails, assets that allows you to collect leads by marketing program.

            A Smart Campaign is the flow that takes actions on a group of leads. You can use these separately if you want, but Programs are a better grouping method.