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Receive a personalized report on your marketing automation platform

Question asked by 429a3b00c04df8e5ab80b97b236aaa7a14e3374e on Mar 18, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2014 by 51201
SiriusDecisions is currently conducting a primary research study on the use and administration of marketing automation platforms for b-to-b organizations. Take this survey and SiriusDecisions will provide a personalized report to all respondents (after they close the survey and analyze responses), which should provide you with some interesting data about how your answers compare to others based on revenue band, industry, and years of marketing automation experience
The survey they’re conducting focuses on how organizations of various sizes and maturity levels are using marketing automation across a variety of marketing processes, resourcing and organizationally aligning to drive marketing automation adoption, as well as identify emerging trends in use cases.
The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete – seems like time well spent to get some interesting trend & comparison data back!  Take the survey today!