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    How to Send a Lead Back to Previous Owner

    Josh Hill
      Hi folks,

      I recall this thread existed once, but I can't find it now. Here's what I want to do:
      1.           When a Lead is recycled it is sent to a nurturing queue.
      2.           Marketo puts certain leads that have "Call Back in 3 Months" marked into a separate flow.
      3.           In 59 days, that lead pops up again and is sent over to the Previous Owner or the Previous Queue. It's important to send the lead to the right place. The Lead can be in 1 of 2 queues and must go back to the corresponding Sales Unit Queue or to the last lead owner. There isn't an easy "tag" that tells me which one, other than the queue or previous owner.
      4.           How do I get the Previous Owner as a filter on the Choice and then send that person back?

      I was thinking of some sort of Last Lead Owner field in SFDC, but that's hard to do. Maybe it's possible in Marketo?

      I know it's possible to do this but not sure the best way. Thanks!
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          Edward Masson
          Was going to suggest create a custom picklist in SFDC with values of current lead owner and previous lead owner. Then you can use the Data Value Changes, select the new custom field and use a constaints New value is X and Previous value is X. 

          But you say that is hard to do, could that work for you?

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            Josh Hill
            Yeah, that could work. The SFDC Admin isn't keen on doing the Apex code to make this work, so I was hoping for a different option.
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              Diederik Martens
              I'm dealing with the exact same issue. I want a contact to be automatically re-assigned to the original (marketing) owner, who assigned it to a (sales) owner, when sales rejects the contact.

              So I need a field with last owner. I found a way to have a field available with the last owner value (this is a bit tricky to build). But the Change Owner flow step does allow that field value to be used and creates an error. So even when you're able to store the value, you can't use it.

              This leaves we to the conclusion it has to be done on the Salesforce end. APEX trigger or so.


              Did you already found a solution?