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Store latest viewed / downloaded content

Question asked by 67ebab9d4336250097562e2c8a3a1607179036b7 on Feb 3, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2015 by Josh Hill

We want to store the most recent viewed or downloaded content for each record. We're going to create a new field for this info to be stored in, but are wondering about the best way to populate this field. We have documents stored in both marketo and our website (got munchkin on all pages), some are gated some are not.

For gated doc on the web we can have the API send the URL info to the field. For gated in Marketo I read in another similar thread that we can have the field hidden in the marketo form - what 'get value from' value should I use to make it populate correctly? Default value and then paste the document's URL? The document that's being downloaded is linked to from a thank you landing page.

The trickiest part is the non-gated documents.. is there a way to make their URLs populate the field?