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Engagement Nurture Help When Using Multiple Personas

Question asked by 38637 on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by 38637
     So we have 3 personas. I used the Engagement Nurture tool and added all the programs for every persona into just 1 stream and set the cadence to Tuesday & Thursday @ 12.
     So it looks like this (below), you will notice that there is 3 pieces of content for each persona (i.e an 01. program for persona 1, an 01 program for persona 2, etc.) harnessed by a program. I added the whole database to the Engagement nurture as the individual program dictates who is sent what.
     However I think this may be causing a problem, as the Engagement Nurture tries to send the content but the individual program harnessing the content dictates if they meet the criteria, now if they don't it appears the Engagement nurture still classifies it as 1 send and doesn't send the next one until the cadence dictates.

     Am I correct?

     Is the solution 1 persona per stream? and then turn of the filter in the individual programs?