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Impact of Deleting Leads on Reporting

Question asked by 1856838dfc96cca108f28566cfadbecc5c55ac92 on Aug 14, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2014 by Dan Stevens.
What happens to various reports when a lead is deleted? Would love to see some official documentation that checklists what is/isn't affected.

On below, is the information gone like it never existed? Yes or No?

Real Time Reports (I assume reporting data is gone)
  •           Program membership
  •           Smartlist counts
  •           Lead reports
Point in time historical reports
     Is there a difference RCA vs standard reporting?
  •           Historical Program membership. If a lead became a member of Program A in June and was deleted in July, would Program A still show that historcally in a report.
  •           Model reporting through RCA
  •           Email reports
  •           Landing page visits for page conversions
  •           etc