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Returned Leads would be less than batch size even when there are other Leads left

Question asked by a3e8dd2974d7d639dea937a27a8fcb3894b7b310 on Apr 27, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2014 by a3e8dd2974d7d639dea937a27a8fcb3894b7b310
Hi all,

My Leads' Ids are from 1 to 32 without 4, 9 and 10. So when I use LeadKeySelector to query out the Leads with ids from 1 to 30, I should get 27 records and the remaining count should be 0.
When I set batch size to be 30, the returned records count is 27, but the remaining count is 1. I'm puzzled.
When I set batch size to be 27, the returned records count is 26 and the remaining count is 2. Then I know there must be something wrong.

I know the exact number of result count, but not all the results are returned. And the newStreamPosition is empty, so I would not get the rest records any more. If I would query for 100 specified ids, I have no idea how different the numbers would be.
What kind of number could help me to get all records down? If my batch size is small, how could I do the get-action for next batch?

Any suggestions?