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    Sync Email Delivery Stats from Marketo to Salesforce

    Crystal Macdougall
      I am trying to find a way to get the delivery statistic results of our email programs to sync back to SFDC. All of our Marketo leads and Salesforce objects are synced 1-to-1, and I am currently syncing our email programs to Salesforce campaigns. In the past we used a different marketing program that wrote this information back to Salesforce in the form of an Email Result that would appear like this:


      I understand that all of this information is available in Marketo after an email program has run, but we have several staff members that use Salesforce reporting for analytic purposes and we want to continue to log this information in SFDC. I opened a support case for this but the response was simply "Salesforce campaigns do not display metrics like that". Can anyone help me figure out a way to do this?