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GetMObjects and multiple Criteria

Question asked by 3cc18303568e3ca20bf331eddcc6e3c50cbcde77 on Mar 5, 2014

     Is there any way to define multiple Criteria while getting objects using GetMObjects

     Example: following will return all OpportunityPersonRole which matches opportunityId=12

     paramsGetMObjects.type ="OpportunityPersonRole"
     paramsGetMObjects.mObjCriteriaList->mObjCriteria->attrName = "OpportunityId"
     paramsGetMObjects.mObjCriteriaList->mObjCriteria->attrValue =  12 paramsGetMObjects.mObjCriteriaList->mObjCriteria->comparison = "EQ"

     Is there any way to get all the OpportunityPersonRole records which has OpportunityId = 12 and OpportunityId = 123, i could not figure out how to set OR condition or provide multiple values.