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    Stopping a trigger resulting from a negative score

      I have a triggered flow set up to alert my sales team when a lead reaches the "Qualified" stage in my revenue model.

      My model is relatively new, and I have a fair number of leads in my system that were active in the past and have scores above my "qualified" level.  I recently implemented some negative scoring for inactivity, and I thought I'd set my flow up properly to prevent the alert from going out if the lead was "qualified" due to inactivity scoring.

      This is what I have
      Trigger: Revenue stage is changed - new stage is qualified
      Filter Lead Score Changed - Change is not -10

      However, I'm still getting these alerts triggered even with the Negative score..


      Should I put the filter in my revenue model to prevent a Lead from moving to "qualified" if it's "caused" by the negative score?
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          How about simply adding an Old Stage constraint to the Revenue stage is changed trigger?

          e.g. Revenue stage is changed: Old Stage [Not Qualified]; New Stage [Qualified]

          This should then only send alerts when the stage has actually changed from not qualified to qualified. Let us know whether this solves your issue :)
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            Josh Hill
            How would a lead become Qualified through a negative score?

            What is the condition for becoming Qualified? It sounds like you set it to say if Lead Score >= X, but you should add a qualifier that the Previous Score was at least Y...that is there is a positive change happening. Just because a Lead has a Score >=X doesn't mean it should trigger this.

            I like Adam's suggestion here, but it will depend on exactly what is causing Revenue Stage to become Qualified. You may want to have the Sales Alert depend on the Lead Score rather than the Revnue Stage.
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                   Thanks Josh and Adam.

                   In my revenue model, a "Qualified Lead" is triggered by a lead score change with the new score >90

                   However, since I scored my leads for several years before I built my model, I have lots of people (probably far too many) whose score already exceeds 90.  I don't want to call all of them qualified, as they may have been inactive for some time, or for other reasons.  Therefore, I wanted to make a positive action trigger a "return to qualified".  That's way using a "Previous stage = not qualified" or "Previous score is at least Y" won't work. 

                   Could I make my Qualified Lead stage change trigger be "Lead score change", "New score >90" and "Score change is not -10"  ?  Then my alert will be triggering off of the right thing.

                   (The "lots of people with high lead scores" is why I've implemented the inactivity based negative scoring)