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Stopping a trigger resulting from a negative score

Question asked by 2423 on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2014 by 2423
I have a triggered flow set up to alert my sales team when a lead reaches the "Qualified" stage in my revenue model.

My model is relatively new, and I have a fair number of leads in my system that were active in the past and have scores above my "qualified" level.  I recently implemented some negative scoring for inactivity, and I thought I'd set my flow up properly to prevent the alert from going out if the lead was "qualified" due to inactivity scoring.

This is what I have
Trigger: Revenue stage is changed - new stage is qualified
Filter Lead Score Changed - Change is not -10

However, I'm still getting these alerts triggered even with the Negative score..


Should I put the filter in my revenue model to prevent a Lead from moving to "qualified" if it's "caused" by the negative score?