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    Email to contacts associated with an SFDC partner

      Hello! We have several referral partners that we track accounts/leads from using the Partners object in Salesforce (as in the related list on the contact record). I'm setting up an email campaign with the idea to send it to all contacts attached to accounts associated with a specific partner. I went through the Salesforce Sync Admin and included Partners in the sync, so I can pull in "Has Partner" as a field filter in my smart list. That being said, I can't figure out why the Account ID I'm inputting into that filter isn't working. I've tried i in the following constraints:
      •           Account From ID
      •           Account To ID
      •           Partner ID
      •           Reverse Partner ID
      I did see that the Partner ID options were formatted differently than the ID of the account I was trying to use, and I was unable to access the record those IDs led to (which I shouldn't have been, since I'm a SFDC Admin).

      I'm thoroughly confused and need help sending to these partner contacts!

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          Hey Carissa,

          In SFDC, does the Partner field on the Contact Record reference the ID or the company name? 

          Can you provide a screenshot of what your Contact layout in SFDC looks like? This sounds like a custom field.

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            Hi Jeff,

            The association I'm referring to is actually at the Account level, rather than the contact. I can pull reports of these contacts with a CRT I created in SFDC, looking at the Partners related list on the account record & the contacts associated with the account.

            That partners related list references Account Names, but the filters in Marketo ask for IDs - not an issue for me to go hunt down an ID, right? Wrong! The ID's listed when I click on the green plus button are formatted differently than the IDs I can pull out of Salesforce (ie they're all 00IDXXXXXXXXX etc. whereas SFDC ids are 001XXXXXXXX - or something like that).

            I'm just confused at this point.
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              That is confusing, and it is a little tough to follow. When trying to reference the IDs, did you try to filter using "contains" to give yourself an idea if that is the right approach?

              I find working with IDs in Mkto in general is kind of tough, which is the opposite of what you would expect, but for the reasons you are encountering I find it easier to deal with names. 

              Another approach would be to find one record in Mkto manually that you are trying to pull in using filters and search the record for any clues on how to include it. Since this is all custom fields, it is difficult to visualize without actually seeing your instance.

              Sorry if I am not much help!