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Issues Styling Forms

Question asked by 6677 on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by 6677
I've been trying to customize a form that was created using Forms 2.0 but keep running into issues.

1. The sizing is completely off. The form looks one way when I'm working on it or previewing it in Marketo but as soon as I embed it into my website it's larger than it supposed to be. When you set the field width are those pixels? Number of characters? I have my form embedded in a Marketo landing page and I set everything to be 230px wide but when I view the final published form on the site it's embedded in it only displays 230px and the rest of the form is cut off.

2. Is there a way to edit where the button is on a form? Right now it's aligning to the right and I need it to align to the left. I haven't been able to find any documentation on this.

3. I've tried to edit the CSS of form themes but they often times won't show the classes I need to edit. For example, maybe I can align the button to the left using CSS but I can't find the correct class name to use. I also wanted to use the Simple theme and just change the label text to be white (I intend to use a dark background image behind it once I embed it in the landing page). It seems all of the options to edit the font color will only edit the color of inputted text and not label text. I had to guess that the class was .mktoForm label {}