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    dynamic content emails


      We are planning to send an email out to current clients who have used a new product of ours in the last 30 days. Within the email I was planning to use a token to determine which new product the client has used but I also want some of the text within the email to change depending on what product they have used. What's the best way to do this?

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          Josh Hill
          You should create a Segmentation called  Product Interest, choosing one product per user:
          -Product 1
          Product 2
          Product 3
          People with No Product Selected
          Default (all others)

          then add dynamic content to the section you intend to change.
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            Tara Petre
            To use dynamic content, you'd have to have a segmentation.  You could create a segmentation with 2 segments, 'used product in past 30 days' and 'not used product in past 30 days.'  Just keep in mind that you can only have 20 segmentations, so if this is not something you'd use to generate dynamic content frequently, you may just prefer to create 2 emails and use the add choice on your send email flow step.

            ie: flow step - If member of list (or if used product in past 30 days is true) send email A, All else, send email B.

            Hope this helps!