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    Missing Lead Source Data

      We want to be able to see where our Leads came from: organic, ppc, direct, email, campaigns etc. Is there a way to sync our google analytics account with marketo so this data carries over and is readily available when we create reports? Currently this data does not show.
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          Edward Masson
          Your must place your lead source field as a hidden on your forms. When you direct traffic to your marketo form, after submit this will stamp the new lead record with the value of your pick list of lead source. Thats the simple route, one LP per source.

          The dificult part is your really want all traffic from and all marketing activities. Will need your webteam to run a script on your landing page to accept the source from the URL, parameters to overwrite your default source.
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            Josh Hill
            There are a number of articles here on using URL parameters to pull in data using hidden forms and other techniques. Ed's got you on the right track for that or even using multiple LPs.

            If you do parameters, you need to start building a standard sheet and tool to running those so you can always refer back to the list.
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              Dan Stevens
              We're working on an approach where we are using the same landing page/form for all of our channels of a multi-channel program.  And then based on a "Channel ID" querystring (that gets populated in a hidden "current lead source" field, we can route activity (campaign flows) into channel-specific programs.  So basically, a master/parent program that contains all of the local assets (emails, landing pages, etc.) and then individual channel programs that just contain the campaign flows to properly assign program membership for the related activity.
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                I am dealing with a similar issue around lead source. We had been using cloud amp prior to getting Marketo 7 months ago to help populate the lead source data based on the GA tracker info automatically.

                Is the only way to get the lead source to populate from GA tracker info is to set up campaigns within Marketo?