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    Form 2.0 Displaying Multiple Times in One Page

      We're trying to embed a 2.0 form directly on our page and it's showing up multiple times, though you can see in the code it's only in there once. Scroll to bottom on http://www.xora.com/ss/xlp/mileage-manager/index_test.html#mileage-meter

      You can see on another tab of that same page that this is fixed if you pull it in using an iframe.Scroll to bottom http://www.xora.com/ss/xlp/mileage-manager/index_test.html#customer-stories

      Problem is, if we use an iFrame, setting a hidden field value using a URL parameter doesn't work. Need to figure out how to track leads from different sources. (We were planning on giving different URLs to different partners).

      Thanks in advance for any help. This was supposed to launch next week!
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          Hey Tracie,

          Could you please submit a support ticket.  I think our support team would need to see the asset within your instance to diagnose the issue.

          I went to the page and did see the form rendering three times and that should not be happening.


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            Hi Jason, I put in a ticket and this is the response I recieved:

            Because this is a custom implementation, this issue is going to be beyond our scope here in support. Since the embed code has been included multiple times on the page, we can see that the issue is not related to Marketo's embed code. In this case, I recommend working with your developer for further troubleshooting with this implementation and design.

            The way that page works is that when you click on each one of the tabs, it hides the other tabs. So technically, the code is on the page three times. But for some reason the Marketo code is not being hidden the way the rest of the tab is.

            Our developer has worked on some other creative solutions, but strange that this was the only part of the page that wouldn't hide.