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    Salesforce Activities Sync

      We have enabled the sync for certain actions from Marketo to salesforce such as click link in email and fill out form. These show up in the Activity History for the lead/contact and therefore account. This is causing numerous reporting problems. Management wants to have these Marketo activies logged to a separate custom object instead of the salesforce activity history, which is used to monitor our sales team's actions. Has anyone tried to do this?
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          Hey Amy,

          We have not, but I think Marketo's answer to this is Interesting Moments. I would uncheck all of those sync to SFDC boxes if I were you. You can always create trigger campaigns to control exactly what you want to show up and what you do not. For example, we create an Activity every time a rep sends an MSI email so that they can track their own effort on a weekly basis.

          If you do create your own Object, I would love to hear how that goes! 
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            Just run a report but make sure to omit the " Marketo User" , that is if you have a dedicated user for Marketo. 

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              Interesting moments are great when you already know what is interesting otherwise the activity log is great for capturing as much data as possible to be able to determine if there are correlations between certain activities and a propensity to buy. We currently run reports that omit the "Marketo User" which works fine for us. Ultimately I would like to have more things tracked as interesting moments to clean up SFDC a bit. 

              Great tips guys! 

              - Jeff
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                Thanks everyone!

                I'm wondering if when you're running reports excluding the Marketo User, if this is just reports of Activites, or are you able to exclude from the "Last Activity" function, too? Basically, we want to re-assign Accounts that have not been worked by the rep in X time, which is the use case for "Last Activity" specifically, however when Marketo is logging Activites, this field is no longer an accurate depection of whether or not an Account is being actively worked by a rep. So maybe this is really a Salesforce question...