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    Deleting in SFDC and Re-Uploading in Marketo

      I want to back into some deduping by deleting a list of 13k or so leads in SFDC (we have our sync up and running fully, so should quickly be marked as deleted within Marketo) and then uploading them via Marketo to ensure that any leads that are duplicates are deduped.

      I did this earlier, and I'm pretty sure it didn't work; there's not many dupes showing, but almost all of them came back as non-dupe leads. My sales director is convinced this is wrong, so I'm turning to the community - if a lead is deleted in Salesforce, I've waited for the API sync to go, and then re-uploaded that lead via a list upload, would it revive the deleted dupe lead or would it properly dedupe into another existing variant of the lead?

      Complicated question, I suppose, and I'm kinda confused.

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          Grant Booth

               Hi Daniel,

               When leads are deleted from SFDC, they don't automatically delete from Marketo as well. Instead there's an activity which appears in their activity log saying "Deleted from SFDC" - so the duplicate records which came down from SFDC will still exist in Marketo as duplicates as well.

               Instead, I would delete the leads in Marketo (set "Delete from CRM" to "true" when doing this). Then, when you upload the list, it will merge the information with whichever lead has the same email address. If there are multiple leads with the same email address already in the system, it will merge the info with whichever one was updated most recently.


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            Interesting question.  We are going through something similar.  We cleaned (i.e., deleted) old leads and contacts in Salesforce.  I assumed salesforce would sync with Marketo and therefore the leads and contacts in salesforce would match the leads and contacts in Marketo.  However, that's not the case.  Marketo has way more names.  Anyone know why and how to fix it?
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              Thanks Grant, I'm doing that now - I ran a quick list of everyone who was on the upload and who is currently set as "Deleted in SFDC = True" and I'm deleting them from Marketo (with remove from CRM as false, since they're already not in the CRM).

              Appreciate the quick response!

              - Dan
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                Daniel,  if your were deleting leads in SFDC and not deleting them as well in marketo, the leads were not "revived" but simply remained in Marketo.

                As the Marketo employee mentioned, it is a better method to delete in Marketo first and use the flow step "Delete from SFDC = True"

                I recommend created a data management smart campaign in Marketo to remove leads in Marketo when someone deletes a lead in SFDC.  Smart List says "lead is deleted in SFDC" flow says "delete lead in Marketo".  This will remove the deleted lead in SFDC from Marketo.

                I also recommend hiding the delete button from your sales reps.