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Results count of getLeadChanges is less than the remainingCount returned by last request

Question asked by a3e8dd2974d7d639dea937a27a8fcb3894b7b310 on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2014 by a3e8dd2974d7d639dea937a27a8fcb3894b7b310
Hi all,

I have 7163 records in ActivityRecord. And when I call getLeadChanges() to get the results, I would request for 8 times.
The returnedCount&remainingCount pair would be 1000&6163,1000&5163,1000&4163,1000&3163,1000&2163,1000&1163, and 1000&163 for the front 7 times.
Then I think I should get 163 records and the remainingCount would be 0 for the last request. But the result is that I get 106 records and the remainingCount is 0.
So I get 7106 records instead of the expecting 7163.

When I retry this feature, I still get 1000&6163 for the first request.
What's happened to my data?
Any suggestions?