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    Job Opening: SFDC Developer/Analyst w/Marketo Knowlege Atlanta, GA

      Job Description:  SFDC (SFDC) Developer/Analyst
      The Company (Overview): ABM (NYSE:ABM) is a leading provider of integrated facility solutions. Thousands of commercial, industrial, government and retail clients outsource non-core functions to ABM for consistent quality service that meets their specialized facility needs.  ABM’s capabilities include expansive facility services, energy solutions, commercial cleaning, maintenance and repair, HVAC, electrical, landscaping, parking and security, through stand-alone or integrated solutions.  With revenues exceeding $4 billion and nearly 100,000 employees deployed across the United States and international locations, ABM delivers custom facility solutions to diverse sites across multiple industries — from healthcare, government and education to high-tech, aviation and manufacturing.  ABM Industries Incorporated, which operates through its subsidiaries, was founded in 1909.  For more information, visit www.abm.com
      Primary Position Description: This position reports dually to the ABM IT Team and to the ABM Corp Sales Team.  Day –to-day reporting will be to the ABM IT team.  The primary objective for this role is to provide development, support, and analysis of ABM’s Salesforce.com (SFDC) org including all phases of integration and development of the system – requirements gathering, coordination/integration with ABM IT teams, development, testing, implementation, documentation, and updating of the system.  This position will be responsible for supporting a sales infrastructure and strategy for multi-location and multi-business units across several vertical industries and be responsible for supporting the measurement of sales performance of all lines of business within ABM.
      These responsibilities include analyzing, developing, and implementing changes to the ABM SFDC org commensurate with the requirements outlined by ABM’s Director of CRM (SFDC Admin). Outstanding performance happens through complete and appropriate communication at all levels of the organization. The position is responsible for supporting sales teams across ABM to insure performance oriented results aligned with annual operating plans and the ABM Code of Conduct. Essential to success of ABM’s sales process is the integration of all lines of business within our sales technology infrastructure – SFDC (SFDC). This role will require sensitivity to internal and external industry and market trends that will drive the need for business change and innovation.
      Detailed responsibilities are as follows:
      Specific Responsibilities:
      ·                     Analyze, develop, and execute changes within SFDC in support of the ABM’s integrated sales strategies, ensuring alignment between all lines of business and its operating unit
      ·                     Participate in SFDC data/reporting integrity and quality across the business units through proactive data management, cleansing, and de-duplication.
      ·                     Independently perform analysis, development, testing, implementation, documentation, and updating of SFDC application.
      ·                     Implement new enhancement including the creation of custom objects, workflows, email alerts, templates, and campaigns.
      ·                     Develop and maintain integration to 3rd party solutions.
      ·                     Participate in cross-functional teams that address strategic business issues involving CRM and sales operations.
      ·                     Implement and manage various complex sales, marketing, legal and service processes within multiple orgs.
      ·                     Identify SFDC issues and craft appropriate solutions to the problems.
      Required Skills:
      Primary job responsibilities will require well developed skills in the following areas:
      ·         Thorough technical and functional knowledge of SFDC technologies and architecture to include (but not limited to): Visualforce, web service, interfaces, Salesforce1 (mobile), sales cloud, standard/custom objects, workflows, fields, triggers, approvals, email templates, formulas, validation rules, reports, dashboards, etc.
      ·         Understanding of key SFDC architectural concepts and how they influence design
      ·         Security models and techniques within SFDC
      ·         Experience in importing and exporting data in SFDC
      ·         Communicate with internal and external stakeholders in both technical and non-technical terms to ensure all parties remain aware of SFDC issues.
      ·         Experience with technologies that work with SFDC including: Java, jscript, Force.com platform
      ·         Good understanding of data structures, data modeling, and db schema is required
      ·         Experience in moving code from lower sandboxes to production environment and addressing issues related to functionality, integration, etc.
      ·         Experience in working with SFDC Enterprise level org
      ·         Must be comfortable in rapidly changing and sometimes ambiguous work situations.
      ·         Must have good attention to detail and complex problem solving abilities from both technical and operational perspective.
      ·         Experience documenting and analyzing processes, procedures, and policies.
      ·         Proven ability to meet deadlines under stressful situations
      ·         Understanding of web development and technology adoption in support of corporate sales and marketing objectives
      ·         Demonstrate ability to understand and make business decisions regarding the evaluation, adoption, and implementation of sales support technology
      ·         Track record of sales and marketing support with foresight to adapt strategies to a changing marketplace
      ·         Intellectual capacity and appreciation for the history of the industry and a strong aptitude for technology
      ·         Exceptional Organizational skills
      ·         Strong personal administration
      ·         Communication skills for all levels
      ·         Problem Solving skills
      ·         Conflict Management skills
      ·         Timely Decision Making
      ·         Negotiation skills
      ·         Excellent Written and Oral communication skills
      Behavioral Qualities:
      ·         High personal and professional integrity
      ·         Champion for open communication – up and down
      ·         Committed to following the process
      ·         Be able to task from a business standpoint as well as a technical standpoint
      ·         A “get it done” hard charging attitude
      ·         Action oriented
      ·         Perseverance
      ·         Results orientated
      ·         Deals with ambiguity
      ·         Conflict Management skills
      Secondary Job Responsibilities: This position will be required to interface on a daily basis with ABM’s IT team and support integration of CRM to other programs.
      Education: Minimum requirement Bachelor degree and 5 years’ experience in business analysis, web development, sales support, or marketing.
      Domain Expertise: Sales technology including but not limited to SFDC, Marketo, integration of solutions into SFDC, MS SharePoint, MS Office, internet development, etc…  A strong bias will be given to experience with SFDC, Marketo, and integration with JD Edwards enterprise systems.
      Certifications: Strong preference for certification with SFDC
      Measurements: The primary role will be evaluated on ability to quickly and professionally implement changes, lead integration efforts, and communicate changes in SFDC at the enterprise level.
      Travel Requirements:  For primary job function limited travel is expected, but may be necessary to support the training and adoption of ABM strategic objectives
      Professional development: To be provided by ABM

      Compensation/Benefits: Discussion to follow

      Location:  Atlanta, GA
      Contact:  Bob.Swanger@abm.com