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Getting the "Interest Rating" from GoToWebinar after a webinar is done

Question asked by 15694 on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2014 by 15694

Once a webinar is done using GoToWebinar, I see an "Interest Rating" value in the report provided by GTW. This value could be useful as an addition to our scoring programs as it gives an idea if the attendee really focused on the webinar or just didn't care or even dropped.

I was wondering if this value is viewable from Marketo and if so, how did you make it appear? It doesn't seem that Marketo natively gets this value. Maybe by integrating GTW with salesforce first via an add-on and if sfdc enables to view this data, then pushing it to Marketo? I know it would be a long shot but this would still be considered as a valide solution.

I'm very interested to hear from you if you achieved this anyhow.

Thanks for the help.