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    Adobe Connect member.webinar url shows password


      I noticed that the member.webinar url token adds our host password for the administrator adobe login to any registered webinar attendee.
      Is there a way to change this ?

      Currently it shows a link similar to this one:

      ... adobeconnect.com/marketotestwebinar?login=xxxmail@testing.com&password=rq123

      I am not sure if maybe i need to change something in the adobe settings.
      My webinars are setup for registered and guests.

      Hope someone can help.
      kind regards,

        • Re: Adobe Connect member.webinar url shows password
          Grant Booth
          Hi Moritz,

          When Marketo registers someone, it's creating them as a registered guest in Adobe, and that should be the password of the profile it creates for them. You set that password in Admin > Launchpoint, when you edit the service being used. It's the "participant password". I would advise against making the participant password the same as your own user's password.