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    How many trained Marketo users do you have?

    Ari Echt
      One of the challenges I've experienced in running Marketo (or any marketing auotmation platform) at two companies is keeping up with all the demands coming at you.

      I am curious as to what the ratio of number of trained Marketo users who support marketing programs is relative to the size of your entire marketing department (PR, SEM, content marketing, social, demand gen, events, customer marketing, marketing ops, web designer)? 

      Ration for us: 
      total marketing: 15
      trained marketo users: 2

      Thanks for sharing any input, ratios. 
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          total marketing: 6
          trained marketo users: 2

          Trained marketo users for me means people who can actually build and deploy stuff. We have other members on the team trained to run reports or look up leads and other basic things. 

          We definitely run Marketing Ops like a support function, and we collaborate with other stakeholders to develop programs or materialize and automate demand gen ideas.

          Note these same two people also manage Salesforce.  
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            Adam Vavrek
            Total marketing: 7
            Trained Marketo users: 1
            Total number of employees at co: 100

            There's one other person who can create landing pages and emails and he understands how to run basic Smart Campaigns. I'm the only person on the team that builds and deploys campaigns and I'm also the Salesforce Admin.
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              Total marketing: 6
              Trained Marketo users: 1
              Total number of employees: 50

              I am the Marketo admin and am the only one on the team that works in Marketo besides the other team member who only builds landing pages. 
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                Valerie Armstrong
                Hi Ari,

                We have around 20 marketing team members, including myself.  Most team members have logins, but I would say that around five of us are "power users."  The others on the team only require access to Marketo for very specific tasks (such as editing forms, locating landing page links, maintaining SFDC integration, etc.) and they have access and permissions to those areas that are relevant to them. 

                I would definitely recommend training the other team members on aspects of Marketo that you think will enable them to take care of smaller, easiers tasks so you can focus on their more involved requests.
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                  We seem a bit unique compared to everyone else. We have around 25 markers all who build and deploy programs in Marketo. We have an internal team that works to be our experts in Marketo (dealing with the very minute details and admin) and that is about 5 people. 
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                    Ari Echt
                    Thanks for the input. This is great and I hope more chime in.

                    To clarify, to me a Marleto user is not just someone with a login who can create an email. They don't have to be certified experts, but they understand Marketo program structure, smart campaigns, how to build smart lists, etc. 

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                      Dory Viscogliosi
                      We have about 10 members of our marketing team, and 2 real Marketo users. For the most part though, my entire job is to play in Marketo and fulfill requests. I also train some people in very specific uses of Marketo such as pulling lists or optimizing certain programs that they're responsible for. Any final deployments of programs/sends go through me, and if I've set a more complex program up then I'll usually have my director just glance over it as a second pair of eyes. 
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                        Kelly Schmid
                        We have about 23 members in Marketing and just 2 real Marketo users as well. My job sounds very similiar to Dory's above!
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                          Kristen Malkovich
                          We have a marketing team of about 50 people, with about 64 users in Marketo. This includes a handful of Sales Ops and upper management users as well. Of the 64, I'd say a solid 40 of them know exactly what they're doing (IE build programs and execute). There's about 3 of us that are highly specialized and do most of the backend reporting and optimization. 
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                              Dan Stevens

                              Hi Kristen - not sure how long you've been a customer of Marketo, but up until about a year or two ago, the the cost of the license (and most add-ons, like support, RCE, etc.) was based on the size of the database (number of leads).  They've recently (in the past year or two) added a limit as to the number of Marketo users/seats you can have.  For Enterprise, it's 25 users.  We've always had around 75 users (we have 26,000 employees - and about 110 in Marketing - but also have API users, temp agency access, IT/AppDev users, etc.) who would access Marketo in a variety of ways - many just to get a report here and there; manage the leads within their lead partition, manage their event registrants, etc.


                              As we're now in contract negotiations once again, we're being told that it's going to cost $600/year per user (above 25).  That's going to tack on an additional $30,000 to the six-figure price we're already paying (for a DB size of 200,000 leads).


                              I was just curious if you're experiencing a similar situation - and how you've overcome it.  Last year, our account executive just said to ignore the user limit, but this year it sounds like it will be more strictly enforced.  It's too bad they don't offer different tiers of users based on role.  This is going to require some additional negotiation tactics.


                              Grégoire, has this affected any of your enterprise customers?

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                                  Grégoire Michel

                                  Hi Dan,


                                  Not really, as in France, Enterprise customers always had to pay for additional users above 10. So the new price was more a good surprise since the number of users included in the base licences has increased from 10 to 25.


                                  The impact was more on SMB customers who in the past price list had an unlimited number of users and are now limited to 25. Fortunately, most of them has small marketing teams and this has only been an issue for a couple of them, AFAIK.



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                                    Mark Wallace

                                    Hello Dan,

                                    I wondered if anyone has any documented info on the whole elite, enterprise set up.  What constitutes being Enterprise?  What Im told on user licenses seems to differ from what you have been told in that 50 licenses is standard on an Enterprise account, and the cost is down to the DB size mainly.  My issue being I dont want 50 users fiddling in a complex system.



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                                  Total marketing: 4
                                  Trained Marketo users: 3
                                  Total number of employees at co: 140 or so
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                                    Jamye Breidenbach
                                    Our company has 2,500+ employees worldwide... the marketing department makes up around 100+ people. Out of that, about 15 of us use Marketo with 3 super users (2 operational/database management focused and 1 who does program/asset builds).

                                    We currently staff 5 vendors who are Marketo partners or have experience working in Marketo to consult, build programs or customize the Marketo instance to work with our eco-system.
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                                      Michelle Tiziani
                                      Total Marketing: 5
                                      Trained Marketo users: 2 from Marketing and 1 from the Events Department
                                      Proficient and Marketo Certified: 1
                                      Editorial (Writers) who use Marketo: 3 

                                      I'm the Marketo admin, I create the programs, campaigns, forms, landing pages, emails, reports and the database clean up and I train my coworkers for specific activities and I work with the VP of Marketing and Associate Managing Director for conceptualizing and excuting promotional campaigns. There's 1 person in our Marketing team who provides support for lead activity look up. Our list specialist handles building lists on the salesforce side and she cleans up the database on her end.  We have one other person who handles the delivery of our 5 monthly publication email broadcasts. 

                                      How do I handle the demands that come my way? When I get a request, I build a timeline with all of the campaign requirements. I use the Marketo calendar for my purpose and our department uses Google Calendar for the promotional campaigns that is viewable to Marketing, and business development.