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    Activity Report in SalesForce

      Hi All-

      Our sales currently uses a report in SalesForce that shows the top flames and stars in their territory. We are wanting to somehow get a report so that our Sales manager can look over it and see which leads have been contacted and not contacted (basically to see if the sales are using the urgency and lead score stats).

      I'm assuming a report in Salesforce would be best since we need to pull last activity in Salesforce (like email or Phone call that went out).  We have a sample one currently, but it's a combination of two reports and is a beast to load, and a bit clunky. 

      Has anyone done anything like this before?

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          While you could do that in Marketo (somehow) I would probably do it in Salesforce. He's already going to be in there anyway. I would filter a SalesForce... 
               Just thinking out loud; you could make a smart list in marketo that tracks activities (regarding emails, website, and clicks) if it gets triggered put them in a SF campaign or fill in a custom field and push it to salesforce that you can do reporting off of. 
               Then on the salesforce side you could say "search for everyone and check to see out of the pool of leads, what ones have been contacted, Converted, and still need to be contacted" I'm guessing you track the stages? If not, that’s something you should setup for sales. Status or Stages 
               Examples would be... 
               New Lead, Open Lead, Contacted Lead, Conversed lead, Disqualified Lead, and Lost Lead. (or something) 

          Here's a good resources to help you with getting that up given it's not already setup