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    Tracking clicks on website links

      I'm trying to set up campaigns that will trigger based on whether a web link is clicked on.

      I keep running into the following errors:
      •           The link (which is a valid link) when copied to the Marketo smartlist displays this error: Invalid value for link name
      •           The schedule indicates Smart Campaigns may not be activated with warnings in the Smart list.
      How do I set this up without errors?

      ** Answer - seems I should have been patient and waited for Marketo to recognize the newly implemented Munchkin code :-)
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          Kenny Elkington
          Hey Deirdre,

          In order for a link to be considered valid when using IS in a trigger, you first need to have tracked that link via Munchkin at least once, so click on this link on a tracked page should make it valid.  Second, you need to omit the 'http://' or 'https://' at the beginning of each link.