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    2nd Invite: Exclude Registrants


      For our vendor hosted events, we never get a registrant list from the vendor.
      Rather we just get attended/did not attend lists from the vendor after the event.

      because of this, while A/B testing we're basically sending a second invite to everyone except those who unsubscribed from our 1st email.
      Basically we're not able to exclude registrants & hence they're getting a 2nd invite to register.

      Could anyone kindly give some suggestions on how we could avoid this or what your company does to avoid this?

      Dhruti L Chavda
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          Dory Viscogliosi
          Hi Dhruti, to eliminate the duplicate sends you could exclude people who clicked a link in the first email from your second send.
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            Hi Dory,

            Thanks for the response.
            However we basically send 2 invites with a gap of approximately a week between the 2.
            So we do want people to receive 2 emails but I just want to find a way to exclude people who already registered because of the 1st email.

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              You can use the Program Member Status and remove those leads who have already "Registered".  This way the second invite will only go to those whose status is still "Invited".  
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                Dory Viscogliosi
                Dhruti, do you definitively know whether or not someone has registered for the event prior to it occurring? If not, unfortunately there isn't much you can do except to exclude those who clicked a link in the first email. Clicking a link would say to me that they either registered, or looked at the page and decided not to register in which case I wouldn't want to send them a second email.

                To set the send up the way that you've described above, you could do a flow:

                Send [email]
                Wait 1 week
                Send [email] if not clicked link in email [email]

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                  Hi Dory,

                  Unfortunately I do not know for sure whether they registered or not.
                  But thanks for the suggestion.
                  This would be very helpful in case we come to a decision of what we should do.

                  For that I am thinking about looking at the stats of the email link performance reports for the "register now" link vs the number of leads that actually registered which would be provided by the vendor adter the event. ie. I would combine the attended/ did not attend list to see a cumulative number.

                  Comparing those 2 numbers might help in case there's a trend.