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    Send lead directly into trial on form submit

    Valerie Armstrong
      Hello Community!

      We are looking to change the current trial process for one of our SaaS products.  We would like to have it so that once the lead fills out the form, they are sent directly into the trial of the product. We are hoping that we can do this using a Marketo Forms 2.0.  I would assume webhooks or using the Marketo API would be the solution here, but there are concerns about how long the lead would be stuck on the page waiting for their trial to be created. Any ideas on which would be the best approach to take on this? 

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          Josh Hill
          Val, you would definitely need the API to hook into your product. I don't think I'd use a standard Form 2.0 - I'd use the API to create a special form such that the lead info goes into Marketo and the lead is passed to the product.

          Your engineering team should be able to help you with the timing required. You might event setup a wizard with 2-3 pages of basic info so that the system has time to finish the setup.

          Username & Pass > Lead Info > Welcome screen > Product
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            Valerie Armstrong
            Thanks, Josh.  We've actually discussed what you had mentioned as an option, but there are two issue with using the API and creating this as a "Setup Wizard":
            • We have 8 forms for this product that are Marketo 2.0 forms that live on our website and on multiple Marketo pages.  We would want a process that would allow the prospect to enter the trial immediately after completing the form, whether they fill out the form on the website or on one of our many Marketo landing pages. 
            • We wouldn't necessarily want the lead to have to fill our information on two screens (Username & Pass > Lead Info).  Though it is a drastic improvement over our current process, we don't want to lose conversion with a multi-step setup process.
            With this in mind, do you have any other suggestions on how to approach when prospects can obtain a trial from multiple pages?