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Can you use the Email Analytics Report for Nurture/Engagement Programs?

Question asked by 79e3b96ed0513fe78248ce777fab8b5c473f876e on Oct 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by 79e3b96ed0513fe78248ce777fab8b5c473f876e

When I do an outbound program I setup an Email Report to monitor it's progress/success.

I recently started a nurture/engagement program and setup the same report, but for some reason when I go to the report, it displays the results of all my campaigns.

I used the "member of engagement program" filter to narrow down the results, but it doesn't help.  I also added "was sent email' to the list of filters and still the report gives me all campaigns as a result.

Does it matter if it's a program dropped into a nurture campaign?  Alternatively, I tried just "member of program" to no avail.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.