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We are trying to place a Marketo LP on a tab on one of our Facebook profile pages

Question asked by 69761 on Oct 28, 2014
The LP would be "like" a campaign landing page to FB in that we would want
to control the utm parameters of the URL in the referring URL. This is
because when we use the Marketo form, there are hidden fields that pull from the
referring URL. This way when a lead fills out the form, we can track that
the lead is coming from that LP.

We therefore wanted to explore if this was possible because if not, then we
have to explore alternative approaches like setting the form fields to a
default value behind the form, and the implications regarding that set up
from a scalability standpoint.

If it helps, here is an example for I.E. -This URL is what is generated in
marketo We would want to
add the utm parameters after the ‘.html’.

We understand your point from a traffic source but then are not
understanding how it works especially since we see a URL for a video tab in
our Liberal Arts profile page is’ so is this something we can
control in FB? We also see a number of our competitors doing it but there
is no clear documentation to support specifics like this.

Any time and assistance you can offer we’d appreciate.