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Question about Flow in a Batch Campaign

Question asked by 803fd4ec5a00c34f791b24d22e14f584b40a46b7 on Jul 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by 803fd4ec5a00c34f791b24d22e14f584b40a46b7
Forgive my newbieness....I'm running an Invitation sequence in a Smart Campaign for a Roadshow event.

The initial email and changing of Member Status to invited is straightfoward, but here's where I'm missing something. The next step is to wait 2 days, followed by another step "If Program Status is Roadshow > Invited, send Email - default choice Do Nothing."

The problem is that at least one person that was already registered received the second invite. Shouldn't the logic of checking their program status have removed them from that second email send?

Do I need to set up each follow-up invitation in it's own Smart Campaign, versus having it in a multi-step Flow? (hope not)