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      Good morning all!
      I used an email campaign for the first time and since I didn't create the smaret campaign of 'clicked' I cannot seem whom exactly clicked the link.  How do I get that info?  I need the names of the persons for my rep.
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          Valerie Armstrong
          In Analytics, you can use an email link performance report. 

          Or you can create a smart list with the following filter:

          Clicked link in email:
          Email is:  Email A

          Then add the Link constraint to that filter and add the URL
          Link is: www.example.com
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            Thank you Val!
            Another quick question.....when the email campaign says '5 clicks' is that 5 total or 5 individual people clicked?  I ask because the smart list returned that only 3 people clicked.
            Thanks again!
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              Valerie Armstrong
              No problem, Melinda!

              In regards to your second question, if you are seeing "5 clicks" on either the Analytics report or on the email tab associated with the email campaign, it is likely that one of those three people clicked the link more than once.  To find out who, you can add an additional constraint to your "Clicked Link in Email" filter in your smart list called "Min. Number of Times" and enter 1 to see how many clicked at least once, 2 to see how many clicked at least twice, etc.