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Field Mapping Issues

Question asked by 9046161ef2dbb2afd4c5e1794ecca14ff7c86877 on Mar 18, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2015 by 9046161ef2dbb2afd4c5e1794ecca14ff7c86877
Hi All,

We're having some field mapping issues. We created new custom fields in Salesforce for a form in Marketo. I've added the fields to the form and tested it. When tested, the fields are all showing up mapping correctly to the lead record. However, the fields are not staying checked when coverting the lead to a contact. I've contacted support and am having some trouble having the issue resolved. The API names are correct. For example, I added "Integrations" as a checkbox to a form. It shows as checked in the lead record. When converted. the box is unchecked.

Any ideas? Thanks!