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"Clicks link" choice within flow step does not work

Question asked by Dan Stevens. Expert on Feb 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 16, 2015 by Kenny Elkington
I have a landing page containing two different links.  Within the smart campaign, there is a "Change program status" flow step containing two choices - and based on the link that is clicked, the appropriate program status should change.  When I find the attribute "Click link", I see this:


But when I select it, it changes to "clicked link on Web Page".  What happened to the "Click Link"?


Furthermore, when testing, the lead will always qualify for the first choice - regardless of what link the user clicks on.  Which leads me to believe this choice is not looking for a specific link (as desired/expected), and instead is looking for a web page.  That's not what I want here.  Marketo provides no documentation at this level so I'm unclear on where to go from here.  And I can't use a trigger in the smart list since I already have it configured as "if user clicks on any of the two links" proceed to the flow.

Is this not working properly or does Marketo not offer a "Choice" within a flow step to determine a specific link that has been clicked?