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Trigger ''Clicks link in email" - registered, not working

Question asked by 4c1a4ddbb43d4dc4ba2968fedb0edb514cf1066e on Oct 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by fb40168ab91e306e491fd4b4dcdec02e3faa9c1a

Hi There,

I have a trigger set up for two things in an event (Roadshow) program; 'Clicks link in email' or 'Fills out form'. Change status is to registered.

The trigger is working for Fills out form but not clicks link.

This is a retrospective thing for the clicks link.

When I run a smart list on 'Clicks link' I get 4 leads.

I then changed the trigger to work on people in that list.... It still doesn't change those leads to registered.

Can someone please help? I have set this up in a number of different ways and I cannot seem to add the 'Clicks link' group to the overall event program. It's driving me crazy!