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REST API and Munchkin

Question asked by 73611 on Feb 11, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2015 by 73611

I am pretty new to Marketo development, but we have integrated or site with Marketo using the REST API to create/update leads.

We have a custom form for leads to sign up for our product.  We intercept the request and use the REST API to create a new Marketo Lead.  We use a custom field to uniquely identify the leads.  We don't use email address as a unique identifier.  This works fine.

We would also like to use the Munchkin API to track usage patterns and link that data to a lead, once the lead signs up.

Can we get the Munchkin cookie and pass that information with the REST API request to create/update the lead?  

Note: email address is NOT the unique identifier for our leads.  We have a custom field that we use for de-duping

The above link seems to incidate we cannot use the REST API and must use the Munchkin Associate Lead function.  I believe the Munchkin API always uses email addresses for de-duping, which will not work in our use case.

Thanks for any information.