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    Event Back-Up Page?

      We had a webcast that we are running through WebEx. When creating the event, I also created a back up page. The back up page takes registrants to an "event not in progress" landing page that I created in Marketo if the registrant clicks the link before the scheduled starting time.

      When I create an ICS calendar event, I linked to the back up page. My understanding was that at the time of the scheduled webcast start, that back-up page would essentially disappear, and start redirecting toward the live webcast page. Today, I had 2 people tell me they clicked on the link on the calender (which points to the back-up page) and were unable to view the webcast. The people who clicked on the link in the email (which is member.url) were able to view the webcast.

      Did I minunderstand the capability/purporse of the event back up page, or was their some sort of malfunciton? Will the event back up page not work if you are using a link that points to the back up page, or will it still work because the back up page disappears at the scheduled starting time by its very nature?