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Question re: adding additional stages onto our Revenue Model

Question asked by 77c4b011d8a334e2ce5dc5adb9fde2c77d810f5c on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 2, 2016 by Rebecca Llontop
We’re currently building additional stages onto the end of our Revenue Model, specifically adding stages after a lead becomes a customer, for tracking cross-sell, up-sell, renewals, etc.  However, we are having trouble connecting the end of our existing model (SAL, Won) to these new stages (Engaged Customer). Example of how it flows:

     SAL (Sales Accepted Lead)  ->  Won  ->  Engaged Customer

To ensure all customer leads and contacts begin to flow through the new customer stages of the model, we want to put all customers into the “Won” stage.  However, this stage contains only customer contacts who’ve had a ‘role’ in the closed opportunity, and we don’t want to lose this information or dilute it by adding all customer contacts at an account (i.e. those who were not a contact role on the opportunity).  Therefore, our thoughts were to create an additional “Won” stage – perhaps called “Won (Non-Opportunity Roles)” and manually add all existing customers, who are not currently in the original “Won” stage, into this new bucket.  This new stage will be stemmed off of “SAL” and lead towards “Engaged Customer” just like the current “Won” stage does.  Example of our thoughts:

        SAL (Sales Accepted Lead)  ->  Won  ->  Engaged
                                                 Or  -> Won (non Opp role)  -> Engaged

     Does anyone see any issues that may arise from this?  Any better recommendations?