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Best practice for a multi-touch prospecting program

Question asked by c878234a9147e12ec144bea28c982c0d424e3557 on Feb 17, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2015 by Josh Hill
We have a transactional sale with a heavy outbound element to our prospecting. I am looking for best practice advice on how to implement this as a engagement program or some other approach in Marketo. We use a combination of outbound calling, emailing and potentially other touch methods. 

What we want to achieve:

Day 1 – AM: Send email #1.  PM: afternoon – call #1, leave voicemail if we get that. 
Day 2 – Anytime: Call #2, don’t leave a voicemail
Day 3 – AM: Call #3, no voicemail
Day 3 – PM: Call #4, Leave voicemail #2
Day 4 – Anytime: Send email #2
Day 5 – Do Nothing
Day 6 – Call #5
Day 7 – Send a “break up" email #3

It may be helpful to think of the above 7 days of prospecting as taking place through a series of touch stages, wherein days 1-2 are introduction, days 3-5 are persisting, and days 6-7 are all aboard / last call. 

Our outbound calls, which are made using, can be made to Leads who are members of a Salesforce Campaign. So, maybe we should have a campaign hierarchy in Salesforce with a parent campaign for this overall engagement program and child Campaigns for the tactics of Call 1, Call 2, Call 3, Call 4, and Call 5. Looking for advice on best pratices here.  We distinguish our call scripts on Call 1 vs. Call 2 so even though they are both calls, they are not the same -- no different from how email #1 and email #2 would have distinct messages.

Would we need to setup some parallel streams since we do nothing on day 5? My undertsanding is the cadence is very rigid, so skipping a day is not possible. Also, the Marketo system seems good at firing off emails, but what is the best practice to tell the user to perform some other action, such as make an outbound phone call or post something to the prospect's social media, etc.? These non-email activities can be an effective part of a balanced multi-touch prospecting strategy. Any advice is welcome. 

Also, once a Lead exhausts all the steps in the the 7-day call + email strategy outlined above, if we have not achieved our goal of setting an appointment for sales, we want to kick the Lead to a different Engagement program that has a low-cadence drip email and/or direct mail program. I am looking for best practice to personalize the content delivered through the slow drip. If we want to deliver targeted content, do folks recommend we implement distinct engagement programs (e.g. one for healthcare prospects and one for retail prospects, each with its own collection of targeted content relevant to that industry), or do folks recommend conditioning the content delivery within a single engagement program, and simply decide which email to send using some if/then process against the lead's industry within the program itself?

Thanks in advance for any feedback here. I am stronger on Salesforce than I am on Marketo so appreciate your guidance. The above multi-touch prospecting strategy is common to outbound, transactional, inside sales teams, so I am hoping there are some folks here with experience doing the above in Marketo.